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Welcome to Jiuzhaigou

Dream Wonderland - Jiuzhaigou Valley Jiuzhaigou Valley ("Valley of Nine Villages") is a nature reserve and a national park in the north of Sichuan, a province in south western China. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, foreign tourists yearning for the magic of the "dream world." In ancient times, this generation is called the "Jade Sea", for the shade of tree floats and reflects in the water. Here Cuihai (mountain lake), sea stacks, color forest, snow-capped mountains are the five unique world-famous Tibetan situation, and it has the "Dream Wonderland" and "fairy tales" reputation. Jiuzhaigou is composed of three valleys arranged in a Y shape with the Rize Valley, Zechawa Valley and Shuzheng Valley. Jiuzhaigou Valley is the king of the world's water features, the saying goes, "No water is beautiful than the water of Jiuzhaigou Valley," Water is the soul of Jiuzhaigou Valley. The old forests Here trees with fir, spruce dominated, understory shrubs with honeysuckle, azaleas, bamboo, etc., on the ground tens of centimeters thick moss. Here the concentration of negative oxygen ions per cubic inside the 9500 is extremely rich, is a true "natural oxygen bar." Although cold, every breath can be felt directly frozen nose in general, but still could not help but have to take a deep breath, really fresh. Arrow Bamboo Lake Because of the surrounding lush arrow bamboo covered, it has the name, were also known as the Panda Lake's sister lake. Arrow Bamboo Lake with waves, during rain, clouds mighty, and the most amazing is that it in winter never freezes. In its lower reaches, lower than its more than 20 meters above sea level Panda Lake, in the winter is completely covered by snow and ice. Panda Lake Water clarity, when sunny, blue sky lining in the bottom of the lake. Shore storied white, sparkling mountain film with one of blurred vision. Strange rock texture around the lake, reflecting in the lake, with a few laps with the underwater pattern looks like the panda's black rounded white stones exist side by side, it is truly beautiful, so named Panda Lake.

Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountains – great place to hang out in China Huangshan Mountain range located in southern Anhui province of Eastern china is very well-known as yellow mountains. Thickest vegetation by having tall trees growing up to the tree line at 1,800 meters. Having a history of 100million years it a unique rock was found formation in Quaternary Glaciation. It was being called as Yishan in early 747AD. This place is very well known for its sceneries and sunset. The peculiarity in the shapes of granite rocks attracts the viewer’s attention.Here are some listed special aspects about Huangshan Mountain. Specialty of this place · Huangshah Mountains are very famous for sunsets and sceneries. · You can even experiment your photographic skills by clicking the beauty of nature. · There are also adventurous options like trekking, hiking, etc. · The beauty of this place will be at its peak during the Hot springs. There is a myth saying an ancestors became younger by a bath in hot springs. Hence they are also called as youth springs. · There are attractive rocks which look extremely wondering. One will look great from the other, even strange too. · Flying rock is the most noticed rock by each and every visitor. This rock is about 12 – meter high (almost 39ft) which is tilted on a huge rock. The amazing thing is that the contact area is very minute, almost just a point. · Looking at the ocean of clouds over there will give a great memory for lifetime. · Watching Buddha’s light is also another myth is recorded about this place. · As the famous sunsets, Yellow Mountains also reflect the great joy of sunrise view. China hasbeen a great tourist place with plenty of places to watch. Huangshan Mountain in China is also a place to experience a special time in your life. Capture the sunrise, sunsets and even great sceneries and file them in your personal Album. Enjoy your vacation with your friend and family and return back with a bunch of memories.